the easiest way to record sounds onto your computer is using a computer microphone. typically, the quality of the sounds recorded will not be very high, but if you’re just recording your voice, it will be acceptable.

another option is to use the line-in on your computer’s soundcard. you’ll need an RCA converter if you are trying to hook up the white and red cablesĀ  that are very popular on devices that weren’t meant to be used with a computer.

once you’ve got the sound onto your computer, you may need to edit it down - such as change the volume levels, cut out certain bits or do other types of changes.

on windows or mac
use audacity. it’s a free and open source wav {short for waveform} editor that allows you to record the line in {or microphone}. you can also record “what you hear,” which means any sounds generated by your computer will be recorded into your sound file.

you then can edit and transform the sound you have recored and export it as a wav, aiff or mp3 {with the proper lame plugin}.


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