the first fully legal absinthe alcohol is to be bottled under the name lucid.

lucid, a 124-proof liquer, will be available legally in the united states and will be priced at approximately 60 dollars per bottle.

visit lucid’s homepage:

absinthe is not sold in the US because the FDA does not allow the sales of spirited beverages that contain the chemical compound thujone. real absinthe is made using wormwood, which contains thujone.

a couple simple solutions that may help cure your hangover after a big night out:

have another drink.

many people report drinking another beer first thing in the morning cures a hangover. i’ve not personally attempted, but seems worth of trying.

hydrate properly.
most hangovers are attributed to dehydration of the body. drinking water and other sport drinks should help re-align your hydration levels.

pain killers.
aspirin or any other available pain killer can help reduce the pain.

keep it quiet.
avoid bright lights + loud sounds. these obviously irritate an already pounding head.

next time:
drinking enough water to prevent the dehydration before you goto bed is the best method of prevention. i personally try my best to take at least half a glass of water for each drink consumed.

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