bit-torrent is a p2p {peer to peer} protocol developed by bram cohen that allows users to use their upload bandwidth to distribute files faster.

typically, files are hosted by one computer. when too many people access one file at one time, the download speed can considerably drop. bit-torrent is designed around the concept that more people downloading one file will speed up everyones transfer.

seeds are users that have the complete file, peers are those still in the process of downloading the file. if no seeds remain, and no one jumps back on the torrent, all the peers that are left over may never complete the download.

.torrent files only include information about the download, not the actual file. so once you have the.torrent file, you’ll then need a client which actually starts the download.

how do i open .torrent files?
you’ll need a bit torrent client.

on mac we recommend transmission. on pc go for  utorrent.

where do i find torrents?
google “bit torrent trackers” to find .torrent files.

so, you’ve got a brand new digital camera or scanner - you’ve got the phottos onto your hard drive - now what do i do with them?

sharing digital photos that you’ve taken over the internet has gotten easier and easier with time. software has grown up, simplified itself & can be had for free. some of the best options are web based applications {meaning you don’t need to download or install anything!}.

send them as an e-mail attachment
the simplest option is to use your email client to save an attachment. just select the photo you want to send & attach it to the email. this was is simple and quick, but e-mail boxes have limits and sometimes the message might not get there. let’s check another option…

share them online
lots of media sharing websites exist that are free of charge.
no user signup required. just upload the file, and share the url is gives you with your friends.
a very well done & easy to use community for photographers. allows you to upload photos and create albums. you can make these albums public or private to ensure only those you want get to see what. you need to signup for the account, but don’t worry, it’s free.
young social network for meeting & sharing with users. share pictures to the world or just the designated friends. free for life.

Almost everything you find in print or media is protected by copyright law. This means you cannot reproduce the author’s work without their permission. When in doubt if a work is protected, seek out the author or owner’s permission. Very old works, such as Shakespearean plays, are no longer copyrighted and you may freely reproduce these works for the most part. Remember, photographs, music, even emails are protected by copyright law. Some works explicitly donated to the public domain may be reproduced. However, don’t ever assume a work is part of the public domain.

You have the right to express your own words, but you must be careful when you reproduce the works of others. Under fair use exemptions, you may be able to reproduce a work in part if you are creating a parody, commentary or research/educational report on the subject. The fair use exemption is very narrow though, and if you run a commercial website, you run the very high risk of violating someone’s copyright, regardless of your intentions. Just keep in mind that you can freely express your own opinions and ideas, but you cannot reproduce somebody else’s without their permission. When in doubt, don’t reproduce the work and find a way to express it in your own words.

browsing leern the leern archives for sharing.


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