bit-torrent is a p2p {peer to peer} protocol developed by bram cohen that allows users to use their upload bandwidth to distribute files faster.

typically, files are hosted by one computer. when too many people access one file at one time, the download speed can considerably drop. bit-torrent is designed around the concept that more people downloading one file will speed up everyones transfer.

seeds are users that have the complete file, peers are those still in the process of downloading the file. if no seeds remain, and no one jumps back on the torrent, all the peers that are left over may never complete the download.

.torrent files only include information about the download, not the actual file. so once you have the.torrent file, you’ll then need a client which actually starts the download.

how do i open .torrent files?
you’ll need a bit torrent client.

on mac we recommend transmission. on pc go forĀ  utorrent.

where do i find torrents?
google “bit torrent trackers” to find .torrent files.


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